Escorts FAQ

What service will provide Kiev escort?
Kiev escort provides a high-level escort service on the territory of Ukraine and in some European countries, see our Contacts. Kiev escort propose you to choose one and more Kiev model girls for to accompany you during your trip or business meeting or simply to be your hot lady for to make hot Kiev sex together with. To make your order of a girl you have to contact our manager and he will give you all necessary information and propose you other services we have in Kiev escort for to make your leisure time interesting and exciting.

If I will use your escort service not 1 time only, can I have more interesting price for Ukraine girls?
Yes, we have nice price propositions for our permanent clients and those clients who take more than one girl for long period of time. You have to call to our manager in Ukraine escort for to have more information.

Can I invite a girl to me or I can come to her?
You can invite a Kiev girl to come to your place and you can come to her apartments as well. Mostly all girls in Kiev escort have nice apartment to meet our clients and if a girl you choose doesn’t have a place to meet you have to book a hotel to meet her. Call our manager for further information.

Can I have more than 1 Kiev girls? 
Yes, you can have one and more Kiev girls. Call to our manager to make a previous reservation of girls you like to meet.

Need I pay for a hotel, if I come to a Kiev girl?
Yes, you have to pay a hotel to meet your lady.

Need I pay for taxi for a girl?
Yes, you have to pay a taxi for a girl, this service is not included to price for girl.

I have no a lot of time for to wait a girl. Can she come to more quickly, than after 2 hours?
Your lady will come faster if you’ll make a previous reservation of a girl and if you live not far from the centre of Kiev and you are ready to pay for taxi for a girl. Call to our manager and he will help you to get your lady in time.

Can I have a girl for me and my woman?
Yes, there are lots of bisexual girls in escort in Ukraine who like to meet couples. Look through the description of girls and find the one available for you and your woman. Then call to our manager for to make a reservation of a girl.

If I will pay for 2 hours for a Kiev girl, but I will need more time for to spend with a girl, what need I do?
You have to enjoy your lady only and don’t think about time. Your lady will stay with you as long as you wish. At the end of your meeting you will pay a girl for all time you were together and that’s all.

If I will not satisfy of escort with a girl I had choose, can I change a girl?
You can have any of Ukraine escort girls in any time you wish. All girls are real professionals in escort service and you can be sure of the quality of our escort service. And we assure you to have the best service but if you will want to have another girl you can do it. Call to our manager and he will help you to solve all problems and answer to all your questions.

How will be better to make reservation of a girl? I need to call or to write to you?
You can send us e-mail or call to our manager for to make a reservation of a girl you like to meet. And it’s better to call to us for to have Ukraine escort service faster.

Can I invite a Ukraine girl in my country?
Yes you can. This service will take a little time because we have to prepare all documents for a girl to take visa. And it depends on the country you live in. there are a number of countries in which it is doesn’t needed too much time to get a visa for a girl. So, you have to contact us and we’ll discuss all details. See our Contacts.

I want to have Ukraine ladies for long time, 2 weeks. Will I have the most interesting price if I will choose several Kiev ladies for this period of time?
Yes you will have the most interesting price proposition for your choice. Call to our manager to get to know more.

If I want to have a Kiev girl for 0,5 hour? Is it possible?
You can stay with your Kiev escort lady as long as you wish. Call to our manager to make your reservation of a girl.

Can I have 1 Kiev girl for me and my friend?
Yes, you can. Go to girl’s page and there you will find your escort lady. Many of them like to meet more than one man. Then call to our manager and he will organise your meeting.